Admin is usually server owner or player, who has been given authority over server which allows him to maintain, protect and administer server in a way he find appropriate.

In clans this term may refer to higher ranked, or trusted members, who were allowed to use special powers on server.

Admin levels Edit

In basic version of Jedi Academy there are no admin levels. All admin powers are gathered under RCON.

With addition of mods, the game gained acces to admin levels (though, RCON is still accessible). They were introduced for use of communities like clans. Various mods have different solutions (how many and how different levels there are).

JA+ mod offers 3 admin levels:

  1. Council admin
  2. Knight admin
  3. Instructor admin

Each level has different password. To login as a JA+ admin, use command /amlogin password.

Server administrator can decide which admin commands are available for each admin level. Higher admin levels do not inherit commands from lower ones, which means each level can posses totally different set of commands. Lower admin levels can be made unable to execute commands on higher ranked admins- for example Knight admin cannot teleport or punish Council admin, though he can punish Instructor admin.

See also: Admin Commands - JA+

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