See: Scripting

This script allows you to push and than flipkick enemy by tapping just 1 key.

To use the script just copy the content from the box below and save it as a .cfg file. Than execute this file using /exec in game to use it.

Bind version will automaticaly bind the script to the given key. Vstr version gives you morre freedom and you can easily bind the vstr to other key not editing the script.

Bind version:

bind <key_here> "force_pull; +moveup; wait 2; wait 2; wait 2; -moveup; wait 2; +moveup; wait 2; +moveup"

Vstr version:

bind <key_here> "vstr pull_flipkick" //you may use command '/bind <key> "vstr pull_flipkick" in game to bind it to any other key
seta pull_flipkick "force_pull; +moveup; wait 2; wait 2; wait 2; -moveup; wait 2; +moveup; wait 2; +moveup"

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