Icon force saberattack new

See: Force Powers

Duration: Infinite

Area Of Effect: Jedi Only

Effect: Allows Jedi to wield Lightsaber and unlocks stronger saber stances.

Increases the chance of getting through enemies defence while attacking.

  • Rank 1: Jedi can use a Lightsaber. Blue (fast) stance unlocked for the Single Saber
  • Rank 2: Unlocks the yellow (medium) stance for the Single Saber. Chance of getting through oponent's defence is increased.
  • Rank 3: Unlocks the red (strong) stance for the Single Saber. Chance of getting through oponents defence is further increased.

! Note: Dual Sabers and Saber Staff have their own, pre-defined stances; all avalible on rank 1. Buying further ranks only increases the chance of breaking through oponent's defence in saber duel.

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