Troublesome padawans by monochromeagent-d50e3gm

List of Frequenty Asked Questions with answers:

1. I cannot join server. Why?

This might be caused by following reasons:
- You don't have the map used on server. Try downloading it, for example from JKHub or clan's sites.
- You don't have the mod used on server. Some mods require to be installed both on server and client side (for example MBII mod). Download and install given mod to enter this servers.
- You were banned. If such situation occurred, you should contact server owner.

2. Why am I renamed to "Padawan" after joining a server?

This might be caused by following reasons:
- You named yourself in base game, and then joined moded server. Launching modification usually requires naming yourself again.
- Your name contained clan tag and you were not logged on clanpass - server automatically renames such people in JA+ and JA++ mod to avoid scamming.
- Server admin changed your name

3. On server I see everyone as Kyle. Why?

Players use custom-made skins. You need to download them to see them.

4. What can I do to prevent loosing my name and configuration every time i close game?

Use in console command /write <config_name> , for example /write myChosenName . This will save your configuration along with name as a file in your game folder. To load it, use command /exec <config_name> . For example /exec myChosenName.

5. What is "Laming"?

Generally - it is playing in impolite way. On most server it is: attacking talking or unarmed players. (Saber switched off = unarmed!)

6. When I play FFA sometimes i get stuck lying on floor and can't move. Why?

It means that server admin immobilised you for breaking rules. Read server's rules when you enter it. You can talk with admins using default Y button.

7. Players use strange names. What all this symbols mean?

Some players just decorate their names (see: Naming Guide). Others wear clantags- symbols showing their clan affiliation and rank. For example:
- (JAWA)Knight Thomas means that player Thomas is member of JAWA clan and posses Knight rank.
- »|EFF|«Thomas|JM| means that player Thomas is member of EFF clan and posses Jedi Master rank.

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